What is Endurance Riding?

Endurance horse riding is a marathon sport, where you select a distance to suit you and your horse, whether it be a 5km ‘fun run’ or a challenging 160km championship.  There are also several special multi-day marathon events held each year, such as the 400km Shahzada held in St Albans, Sydney.

The Motto of endurance riding in Australia is ‘to complete is to win’.  Meaning that you ride at a distance and pace that challenges you, with the goal of finishing safely with a horse that has been passed by the vet team as ‘fit to continue’.

Qualified riders and horses compete at speed for prizes, and for State and National pointscore awards, but must still be passed by the vet team as ‘fit to continue’ at all vet checks, including at the finish.

If you are over 4 years of age, you can enter a ride!  But there’s also plenty of fun to be had without riding – we cherish our volunteers, strappers and officials, and they are as much a part of the endurance family as the riders.  There are volunteer opportunities for everyone!

photo by Jo Arblaster

Endurance in the Southern Highlands

The feature endurance event in the Southern Highlands is the annual Wingello Forest Endurance Ride, held on the fourth weekend of May each year.  This event includes ride distances of 5km, 10km, 20km, 41/61km and 80km, and has a strong focus on helping newcomers get started in endurance.  It is also one of the largest endurance events held in Australia each year, and attracts a field of highly competitive riders.  Full details are provided on the event page of this website.

Occasional workshops are also held.  Details of these events will be provided on this website when available.

Southern Highlands Endurance Ride Inc has recently completed an exciting project in collaboration with Forestry Corporation to establish a network of permanently marked horse riding trails within the Wingello State Forest.  This project was funded in part by a grant from the NSW Office of Sport.  The trails are now open to riders, and Forests NSW have installed a large trackhead sign containing a map in the new float parking area, located just beyond the general forest campsite. Visit the Riding Trails tab on this website for more information.

Upcoming Events

28th & 29th May 2022:  The Legendary-Penn Wingello Forest Endurance Ride

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